Haka Educational Tours understands that running a smooth and hassle-free school tour is a big endeavor.

Often it can feel like there is a never-ending list of details to consider and questions to answer – from curriculum relevancy, to health and safety assurances, finding accommodating restaurants for special dietary requirements, to the organisation of transport – amongst so much more…

2017 Inspection Tour: Hawaii

We get it – it’s our day job!

We understand that trying to answer parent and student enquiries about these tour specific details is very difficult, especially without first-hand experiences in the host location.

Therefore, to end awkward silences, banish the “I don’t know” answers, and truly enable and equip teachers with the knowledge to field these questions, and quicken the approval process of trip proposals – Haka Educational Tours are pleased to offer an Inspection Tour service.

Our Inspection Tours are a fully organised, guided and arranged trip designed exclusively for teachers, so prospective school tour destinations can be explored, and understood – and a comprehensive knowledge of the destination can be developed, prior to the bombardment of questions launched once a trip is confirmed to a foreign or new tour destination.

2017 Inspection Tour – the group, with guide, Xanthe, in Hawaii

Case Study – Hawaii Inspection Tour 2017

Our most recent Inspection Tour was held in Hawaii, across the Big Island and Oahu, from September 30 – October 6. Six teachers joined our resident Hawaii expert and guide – Xanthe Howard  for the duration of the tour.

Day 1 – 3

The tour began in Hilo (Big Island) where the group had a first taste of the range of natural, cultural and historical sites unique to the Hawaiian archipelago.

Highlights: Spectacular Volcanoes National Park and uniquely fascinating Imiloa Astronomy Centre

After a great introduction to the island, the group hopped on board the bus and traveled west, throughout the journey, treated to stunning views of the forests, including the Upper Waiakea Forest, before stopping along the coast at the Punalu’u black sand. While here, the group were able to get up close and personal for a biological encounter with the local sea turtles.

Highlights: Environmental observations of various Hawaiian landscapes and a special sea turtle encounter at Punalu’u

2017 Inspection Tour: Volcanoes National Park

Day 3 – 4

From here, it was onward to the city of Kona, situated in the self-named sunny district that spans almost 2/3 of the west coast of the Big Island, to experience a collection of educational environmental experiences.

Highlights: Fascinating Natural Energy Lab visit and the majestic Manta ray night swimming encounter

2017 Inspection Tour: Natural Energy Facility

Day 4 – 7

After soaking up the best of the Big Island, it was time to head north on a short flight, on to Honolulu, Oahu to discover the significant historical and cultural sites that have shaped the island, and the Pacific, and where the tour would end.

Highlights: Learning about the historical significance of Pearl Harbour – visiting the onboard the USS Missouri and USS Bowfin, discovering the Pacific Aviation Museum and an emotional experience at the USS Arizona Memorial, and a captivating visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center, described by one of the teachers as “a cultural theme park”.

2017 Inspection Tour: USS Battleship Missouri in Pearl Harbour 

“We designed the itinerary to cover as diverse a range of curriculum areas and interests as possible within the time frame. The teachers joining us in Hawaii this year taught a variety of different subjects and age-groups, so to see each of them inspired by different aspects of the places visited was incredibly rewarding for me. I think it’s fair to say that each of them has gone back to their classrooms this term with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, bringing the visible benefits of overseas travel to their students before they’ve even left their desks” – Xanthe Howard (Guide) 

2017 Inspection Tour: The group and guide on Punalu’u black sand beach

Benefits for staff

  • Curriculum and subject focused activities identified prior to students travelling
  • Risk assessments completion
  • Local understanding of the destination
  • Varied range of accommodation and meal options identified prior to students travelling
  • Key local highlights and information understood in depth to aid classroom learning
  • Personal development opportunity
  • Additional resources to aid with classroom teaching before and/or after the tour

Benefits for students

  • Pre-tour and on-tour questions can be answered more appropriately
  • Increased relevance of lessons leading up to the tour
  • Increased and assured safety while on tour, due to in-depth completion of risk assessments
  • Enhanced teacher engagement with tour destination and enthusiasm

2017 Inspection Tour: Hawaii

2019 Inspection Tour

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Last minute destination suggestion?

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