Haka Educational Tours: Live Tour Updates

Find our which school or university groups are travelling right now, as well as a list of all previous tours.

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STEM Tours: Launching to the States, the stars and beyond!

The USA is an engaging and inspiring STEM destination for space, science, engineering and technology!

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How School Ski Trips Are Checking All The Educational Boxes

Explore the ways in which a school ski trip can help check off the academic, personal development and active goals for students and teachers, alike!

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NZ Packing Checklist – Haka Educational Tours

A handy packing list for an NZ Educational Tour. To make your planning that little bit easier!

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The Ultimate Guide to Tour Fundraising

10 handy ways to fundraise for your school or university trip, including what some of our Haka Educational guests have done.

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Peterhouse Boys School’s Rugby Tour of New Zealand

Peterhouse Boys High School from Zimbabwe took a rugby tour of New Zealand – the rugby nation of the world.

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